The Burn is a powerful fat burning, liver detox and immune system booster designed to target fat from the inside and out. We have added the thermo burning Sexy Waist Cream to help shrink fat cells from the outside in while the Lemon Burn Target fat cells from the inside. Help lose weight by taking this combo regularly. Boost your immune system, clean out your colon, detox your liver and shrink fat all at the same time with this amazing combo!Consistency is key as with any regimen. Commit to 90 days and then make it a part of your daily routine!Apply the cream and then wear your waist trainer or sweat band, do cardio, dance, walk or chores around the house she watch it all work!Sip your Lemon Burn 3 times a day (heated preferably) and add your Defense or drink it separately!

The Burn Combo